#20 to #31 #8 Vijaya Gadde: General Counsel at Twitter#3 John Legere: T-Mobile CEO

#20 to #31 "The Ellen Selfie"

By Chris Moody / December 08, 2014 / #MoodyPics

Thanks to the brilliance of Jeff Lesser, this selfie raised $345 for NCWIT. Please note that I'm rightfully playing the[...]

#8 Vijaya Gadde: General Counsel at Twitter

By Chris Moody / November 19, 2014 / #MoodyPics

Fearless defender of rights and recent Fortune 40 under 40, Vijaya shows she truly is fearless by paying to have[...]

#3 John Legere: T-Mobile CEO

By Chris Moody / October 08, 2014 / #MoodyPics

The brilliant and slightly crazy John Legere pays to have his pic taken with me!

On his last day in San Francisco before taking Twitter’s data to SoCal

My fellow BBI board member made a very generous donation to NCWIT.   I also included a pic of us in more “serious” times.    

Now I know why the owner of Steve’s gym refers to him as “an animal”

Charles helps #Moodypics stay weird.

Reviewing Q1 goals with Moose

Not sure I have an explanation for this one. Dr. Skippy, thanks for your donation to NCWIT!

Suffering together at the bottom of the SEC West. War Razorbacks!

A recent Boston transplant, Katie spends her time at Twitter Boulder these days.

He not only looks like Tebo, he’s got skills too!

Shannon, is my amazing assistant. We call her “the nation” and it feels like an understatement.

One of us is a bad ass.  It isn’t because of the lightsaber, but the sizable donation Greg made to NCWIT.

Courtney decided that I’d be a far more classy snowflake princess if the pic was in black and white.

For the last several years Elaine has been crafting my incoherent nonsense into PR magic.

  Halloween special!

My good friend and fellow Big Boulder Initiative board member, Carmen Sutter, knows a thing or two about women in tech!

If anyone knows the power of a strong woman, it is Brad Bokal.  Raised by a single mom who gave him all the tools to be the superstar he is today! With this pick he is not only contributing to NCWIT, he is also sure to be contributing to his chiropractor’s mortgage.  

Sarah is doing her own part for diversity as the organizer of the LGBTQ Tech Meetup in CO.  

Remind me again which one of us is known for our boyish good looks?

Like most people, the first time I held an iOS device in 2007 I had a strong “this will change everything” moment. I had a similar feeling the first time I saw the Square reader. It wasn’t the fact that anyone could start accepting credit cards with Square that got me so worked up (although […]

My good friend Brad Feld is hosting a series of guest posts from me on his world-famous blog: feld.com. The series is entitled Moody on Management. Give the series a read and let me know what you think.

Want to know what I’ve been up to lately? Brad Feld has a great overview of what has happened at Gnip so far in 2012. As Brad mentions, Gnip is hiring!

I contributed a guest post to GigaOM this week. In my role at Gnip, I’ve had a blast watching major corporations incorporate social data in to every aspect of their operations. We’re still super early in the adoption cycle. I can’t wait to see how the role of social data continues to evolve across the […]

Boulder has a thriving tech community that has been well documented in the last 12 months alone via The New York Times, MSNBC, CNBC, and lots of other sources. I consider myself to be a reasonably active member of the community through visible roles as a TechStars mentor and as the organizer of the monthly […]

I hear some form of the following question a lot from founders that are starting to have early success: “How do we hire a bunch of new people and grow the company quickly without losing the culture we’ve worked so hard to establish?” I’ve been fascinated by different company cultures for as long as I […]

Lately when I hear people talk about the tech scene in Boulder it seems like the word “community” is used more often than not to describe our budding entrepreneurial environment.  I think the choice of this word is both significant and accurate.  To me the word community implies a sense of unity and cooperation.   From […]

Here’s a common scenario I see with some early stage tech startups… Incredibly smart/tech-savvy people start a company around a cool idea. These founders build amazing tools/products that demonstrate their concept and their abilities. At this point they might decide they need to get funding. And, what will they use the money for? Often times, […]

Where did the summer go?  I’ve been meaning to create a post for the last few months on why I’m a TechStars mentor.  Last night,  as I celebrated with the Boulder teams on their fantastic Investor Day presentations, it suddenly hit me that this years TechStars in Boulder has sadly come to an end. It […]

I’m getting old enough now that I’m measuring the personal milestones of my life in years. For example, 2005 was a great year because my son, Matthew, was born.  2005 is also the year we bought our current home in Boulder and the year I rediscovered my love for cycling.  I can recall fewer milestones […]