You can now pay to have your picture taken with me. Why? Because there is nothing like having your picture taken with Chris Moody to help you feel better about yourself. Oh, and all profits will go to the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

A few other points:

  • Minimum $20 per picture. FYI, there is no maximum!
  • only accepts credit cards (the funds go directly into NCWIT’s bank account)
  • Each picture will be numbered so you’ll know exactly how many others before you have participated
  • I’m happy to wear your swag (hat, t-shirt, etc.) in the picture to help promote your business or cause. It just can’t make me look fatter than I already am

To learn more about the history of this campaign and to see the very first pic, read here.

Want to Contribute?

How would you like to participate in the #MOODYPICS donation campaign in support of #NCWIT? Simply complete the following information and I’ll be in touch for your very own one-of-a-kind photo with me, Chris Moody!

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