Community Sourcing

Lately when I hear people talk about the tech scene in Boulder it seems like the word “community” is used more often than not to describe our budding entrepreneurial environment.  I think the choice of this word is both significant and accurate.  To me the word community implies a sense of unity and cooperation.   From the New Tech Meetup to TechStars to the local coffee shop, there is definitely a healthy dose of “we are all in this together” attitude that is really refreshing.

Perhaps there is no better example of this new found community than SnapImpact.  When Dave Angulo and Rich Grote decided to build an iPhone app to improve the world, they called upon our entire community to help.  Almost 60 people showed up for the first meeting and more than 100 people have contributed to the project so far.  Now that’s a community!

I sat down with Dave and Rich to talk about their community sourcing model and to find out what they have planned next.  Good stuff.  Enjoy.

Dave and Rich from SnapImpact from Chris Moody on Vimeo.