My good friend Brad Feld is hosting a series of guest posts from me on his world-famous blog: feld.com. The series is entitled Moody on Management. Give the series a read and let me know what you think.
I hear some form of the following question a lot from founders that are starting to have early success: "How do we hire a bunch of new people and grow the company quickly without losing the culture we've worked so hard to establish?" I’ve been fascinated by different company[...]
Here’s a common scenario I see with some early stage tech startups… Incredibly smart/tech-savvy people start a company around a cool idea. These founders build amazing tools/products that demonstrate their concept and their abilities. At this point they might decide they need to get funding. And, what will they use[...]
I’m getting old enough now that I’m measuring the personal milestones of my life in years. For example, 2005 was a great year because my son, Matthew, was born.  2005 is also the year we bought our current home in Boulder and the year I rediscovered my love for cycling. [...]